Key informants
  • Camellia Raita, project manager, Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation
  • Mihai Lixandru, CFO, Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation
  • Iulian Petre, project coordinator, legal advocate, UNOPA
Sources of information
  • WHO HIV Fact Sheet:
  • Romania Law and Policy Analysis (UNAIDS):
  • World Self Testing Status (WHO):
References to additional information
  • Article “Attitudes, Practices and Priorities of HIV Screening and Testing Among Health Care Workers in Transylvania and Moldova, Romania” 2019:
  • Online purchase of tests with delivery within the EU:

Situation with HIVST in the country

Are HIV self-testing kits registered in the country?
What type of tests?
Sales to the country
How many HIV self-testing kits are conducted per year?
Does the protocol for HIV testing include HIV self-testing?
Algorithm of actions after receiving HIV + self-test result
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold in a pharmacy?
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold online?
24 Euro
Projects in the country (last 3 years)
Self-testing campaign during International Testing Week (23-29.11.2020)
Country studies (last 3 years)
Information and media campaigns to promote HIV self-testing (last 3 years)
Campaign on the Internet and Social Media (ARAS) in support of the International Testing Week campaign (23-29.11.2020) with financial support from Coalition Plus. During the campaign, 650 HIV self-tesing kits were distributed.
Project Plans / Campaigns / HIV self-testing studies 2021 and beyond
Not defined