Key informant
  • Pulod Jamolov, head of the “SPIN Plus” organization
Sources of information
  • WHO HIV Fact Sheet: https://cfs.hivci.org/country-factsheet.html
  • Tajikistan Law and Policy Analytics (UNAIDS): http://lawsandpolicies.unaids.org/country?id=TJK&lan=en
  • World Self Testing Status (WHO): https://www.who.int/hiv/topics/self-testing/HIVST-policy_map-jul2019-a.png?ua=1

Situation with HIVST in the country

Are HIV self-testing kits registered in the country?
What type of tests?
Saliva tests to be registered in 2021 (Orasure)
Sales to the country
5350 for self-test. until 2019.
10000 saliva tests is planned to deliver in 2021 (Orasure)
How many HIV self-testing kits are conducted per year?
≈ 8 per year
Does the protocol for HIV testing include HIV self-testing?
It is planned
Algorithm of actions after receiving HIV + self-test result
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold in a pharmacy?
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold online?
Online and pharmacy sales are expected to begin around the second quarter of 2021. Expected price - about $ 10 retail.
Projects in the country (last 3 years)
1. Self-testing within the framework of the EpiC project (FHI360).
2. PSI project until 2019.

Country studies (last 3 years)
Public organization "SPIN Plus" - "Research of the level of knowledge and attitude of employees of pharmacies on HIV infection, as well as an assessment of the implementation of self-testing for HIV through the pharmacy network in Dushanbe"
Information and media campaigns to promote HIV self-testing (last 3 years)
Project Plans / Campaigns / HIV self-testing studies 2021 and beyond
Registration of saliva tests in 2021.