Key informant
  • Konstantin Grabitchenko “Empiric”
  • Kateryna Kovalchuk, Alliance Public Health 
  • Kuznetsova Ulia, Alliance Public Health
Sources of informations
  • Analytics of Laws and Policies of Ukraine (UNAIDS)
  • New clinical protocol on the use of antiretroviral drugs for the treatment and prevention of HIV infection:

Situation with HIVST in the country

Are HIV self-testing kits registered in the country?
What type of tests?
Blood, saliva
Sales to the country
Number of OraQuick® HIV tests delivered:
In 2019 - 2 700 pcs.
In 2020 - about 18000 pcs.
Delivery of about 20,000 pieces is planned for 2021
How many HIV self-testing kits are conducted per year?
Does the protocol for HIV testing include HIV self-testing?
Algorithm of actions after receiving HIV + self-test result
If the result is positive, a confirmatory test is required
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold in a pharmacy?
Nearly 140 - 280 UAH
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold online?
Saliva- 300 UAH, blood - 33-180 UAH
Projects in the country (last 3 years)
100% Life Network, Alliance for Public Health - The HealthLink Project «Accelerating Ukraine’s Efforts to End HIV» USAID
Country studies (last 3 years)
Information and media campaigns to promote HIV self-testing (last 3 years)
Within the framework of the HealthLink Project «Accelerating Ukraine’s Efforts to End HIV» USAID
Project Plans / Campaigns / HIV self-testing studies 2021 and beyond