Key informants
  • Momchil Baev, MSc in Public Health, PhD, Program Manager for Sexual Health and HIV, Single Step Foundation
  • Elena Birinjeeva, Single Step Foundation
Sources of information
  • WHO HIV Fact Sheet: https://cfs.hivci.org/country-factsheet.html
  • Policy and Law Analytics Bulgaria (UNAIDS): http://lawsandpolicies.unaids.org/country?id=BGR&lan=en
  • World Self Testing Status (WHO): https://www.who.int/hiv/topics/self-testing/HIVST-policy_map-jul2019-a.png?ua=1
References to additional information

Information and media campaigns to promote self-testing:

  • Publication of Reuters on the successful experience of Bulgaria in self-test piloting https://www.reuters.com/article/bulgaria-lgbt-health/swipe-right-for-testing-gay-dating-app-helps-fight-rising-hiv -in-bulgaria-idUSL2N23E0UJ


Situation with HIVST in the country

Are HIV self-testing kits registered in the country?
What type of tests?
Sales to the country
Official sales figures are not available. In 2020, 500 saliva tests were distributed (until December 1, 2020).
How many HIV self-testing kits are conducted per year?
Distributed within the campaign:
2018 - 900
2019: 20
2020: 500 as of December 1st, 202

Does the protocol for HIV testing include HIV self-testing?
No. The protocol is currently unavailable
Algorithm of actions after receiving HIV + self-test result
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold in a pharmacy?
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold online?
Yes, as part of a program ran by Single Step Foundation, but sustainability is yet to be ensured.
Free of charge . Available for target groups: MSM and trans people
Projects in the country (last 3 years)
1. #endHIVbg 2018-2019. https://singlestep.bg/en/endhivbg-test/

2. #endHIVbg 2020-2021. https://singlestep.bg/endhivbg-campaign-2020/ (only available in Bulgarian)

Both project are implemented on the National level, covering the entire territory of the country.

Country studies (last 3 years)
Through initiatives
1. #endHIVbg 2018-2019.
2. #endHIVbg 2020-2021
Research is performed in both rounds of the self-testing initiative that was/is conducted among the clients who requested a free home HIV test.




Information and media campaigns to promote HIV self-testing (last 3 years)
Within the projects described above

1. https://cutt.ly/DkW2kFL
2. https://cutt.ly/6kW2zn5
3. https://cutt.ly/ckW2cpX
4. https://cutt.ly/SkW8gdK
5. https://cutt.ly/2kW8hB9
6. https://cutt.ly/hkW8ksR
7. https://cutt.ly/pkW8zDY
Project Plans / Campaigns / HIV self-testing studies 2021 and beyond
1.The current campaign is planned to be continued in 2021, but its duration will depend on the available resources.
2.Procokol of HIV treatment is expected to be developed in 2021 in the context of the new National HIV Prevention and Control Program for 2021-2025