Key informant

Sergey Nizkov, State Institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Technologies, Informatization, Management and Economics of Health Care”

Sources of information
  • WHO HIV Fact Sheet:
  • Analytics of laws and policies of the Republic of Belarus (UNAIDS):
  • World Self Testing Status (WHO):
  • Registers of the Unitary Enterprise “Center for Expertise and Testing in Health Care”:
  • National legal Internet portal of the Republic of Belarus:
Links to more information
  • Search for medicines of the Republic of Belarus
  • Ordering an HIV test online Republic of Belarus:

Situation with HIVST in the country

Are HIV self-testing kits registered in the country?
What type of tests?
Saliva, blood
Sales to the country
7743 pcs. for 2019 (number sold through the pharmacy chain)
How many HIV self-testing kits are conducted per year?
Does the protocol for HIV testing include HIV self-testing?
Algorithm of actions after receiving HIV + self-test result
No. At the same time, the clinical protocol "Diagnostics and treatment of patients with HIV infection" provides for the recording of a positive result of a rapid blood test (performed in a healthcare organization) as primary positive.
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold in a pharmacy?
Yes (blood and saliva)
$ 2,6-2,9
Whether HIV self-testing kits are sold online?
Yes, only blood
$ 11-12 (price includes shipping)
Projects in the country (last 3 years)
Country studies (last 3 years)
Information and media campaigns to promote HIV self-testing (last 3 years)
1.Information campaign "Test week". It was held in 3 cities of the Republic of Belarus: Baranovichi, Lida, Nesvizh. 50 rapid tests were performed. Famous people of Belarus took part, press conferences were held in city executive committees. On the main squares of the cities, testing of willing residents was carried out. A small number of tests were used because the organizers did not know if this initiative would be popular.
2. In order to promote the idea of ​​HIV self-testing on the air of the country's main talk show (the issue was dedicated to December 1), the presenters did express tests for themselves.
1.After the emergence of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 strategy, the issue of starting the implementation of express tests for the population through pharmacy chains began to be worked out. The main barrier to launching this campaign was the opinion of NGOs (which conduct rapid testing among key populations), who believed that this campaign would reduce the number of clients who turn to them for express testing.
1.An information campaign "Affects even those who are not concerned" has begun. It was carried out in all regions of the Republic of Belarus (affected 1 large and 1 small city of the region). In total, about 1000 tests were carried out in 2019. The emphasis was on self-testing, but most of the tests conducted included pre- and post-test counseling. This year the Gomel region became the first in the country to start implementing express tests through a pharmacy chain.
1.An information campaign was carried out to inform about HIV self-testing at the Minsk half marathon. On the day of the Minsk Half Marathon, HIV express tests were given for self-testing to everyone. In total, about 1500-2000 tests were issued. In support of this company, informational videos were produced on television, posters and billboards were printed.
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